52 Weeks of Paid Vacation Anyone?

Those of you who attended the 2005 NAMSS Conference in Phoenix may remember that Vince Poscente was our opening keynote speaker.  His lively presentation got the conference off to a great start. 

Vince added his name to the (long) list of people around the world who have applied online for the job of Paradise Hunter Host, (advertised as 52 weeks of paid vacation).   He’s looking for votes, so if you’d like to add yours, view Vince’s video on the Paradise Hunter site.  Voting is open until November 5th.

The Patient in the Mirror

They say doctors make the worst patients, but I do not agree. The worst patients are abusive or rude; I am merely neglectful. I do not go to doctors or have a personal physician. I don’t need one: I run six miles a day and don’t smoke, drink or eat red meat — I am ridiculously healthy.

The first thing I do is convince myself it isn’t a lump. Not difficult, as I’ve felt plenty of lumps, and mine does not fit the category…

Read the rest of Ellen D. Feld, M.D.’s journey from physician to patient, from the New York Times.