CMS Provider Charge Comparison Data

Working your way through the large CMS Provider Charge Data file will take a bit of time and effort, but it’s certainly a gold-mine of comparitive costs.  Charges for the top 100 DRGs with and without major complications / comorbid conditions, is searchable across locations and organizations.  Downloadable as an Excel or comma delimited file.

Reporter Finally Gets to Wear Shirt & Tie Louwana Berry Gave Him

Since I worked nearby at the Cleveland Clinic during the time these young girls went missing, this is a story that touches my heart.

19 Action News Reporter Bill Safos has covered Amanda Berry’s disappearance since the beginning. He grew very close with the Berry family, and Amanda’s mother, Louwana. In fact, Bill’s shirt and tie were a gift from Louwana. Before she passed away, she bought the clothes for Bill and made him promise that he wear them on “the day Mandy comes home.”

It was a promise Bill was more than honored to keep today.