Quiet Hospitals – Revisited

I work in a hospital and spend a fair amount of time on patient units, which tend to be astonishingly noisy.  The environment is often loud, even late in the evening or early in the morning when people who aren’t feeling their best would probably like to be sleeping.

Occasional noisey moments are to be expected, but maintaining a calm atmosphere in patient care areas seems to be an afterthought in most hospitals.

So, just as a reminder to us all, I am re-featuring this earlier post:

Shhh – Silent Hospitals Help Healing

When you have overnight guests in your home, chances are you do all you can to make their stay as comfortable as possible. In a sense, patients are guests in our “house,” but often they find their overnight accommodations anything but comfortable and restful. Hospitalized patients often complain “How am I supposed to sleep when…”

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Thanks Specialty Care

I just want to say thanks to Specialty Care, provider of clinical services and quality benchmarking, and one of the vendors that suported the recent SABM Conference.

I stopped by their booth at the conference and entered their drawing for a Google Nexus 7″ tablet – and won!  Cool!

I’m enjoying the tablet, and want to thank Specialty Care for both the tablet and their support of SABM.