Considering Joint Commission Hospital Surveyor Focus – 2012

If your hospital is up for Joint Commission survey in the coming months, you will find a recent article by Compass Clinical Consulting, A Snapshot of First Quarter TJC Survey Results, worth reviewing. 

The first three months of 2012 TJC surveys are complete, and reports to Compass Clinical Consulting from clients and from the field draw a revealing and somewhat concerning picture…

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The Other Side of the Drape

The Other Side of the Drape is the story of a mother waiting for her young son to come out of surgery.  It is also the story of an anesthesiologist waiting on the outside of the OR.

…And now came the hardest part: waiting. Waiting sucks. It was six in the morning. Even though all I wanted to do was sleep, I could only doze off for about twenty minutes. I wandered aimlessly through the parents’ lounge. I watched the slice of sky between buildings outside the window change from black to grey to light blue as dawn broke over the city of Boston. Over an hour later the liaison called into the operating room for an update, and the specimen still hadn’t been taken out of my son’s body. I found that a little worrisome…

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