What Your Boss May Not Be Telling You

Is your boss happy with your work?  If you think he or she must be because “no news is good news” you may be so wrong.  As Alison Green reveals in 10 Things Your Boss Isn’t Telling You, bosses are human and some of them avoid conflict, even when having a difficult conversation is called for. 

If you manage employees, you know that it is a challenging task. Even if your team is great, keeping them educated, motivated and focused requires energy and effort. If you have one or more problem employees, the effort required increases exponentially.

Dr. Frank Benest reminds employees that they must work to understand their supervisor’s communication style in Communicating With Your Boss

“To enhance communications, you need to figure out how your boss prefers to communicate. Is your manager informal or formal? Does your boss like for staff to simply pop into her office with a new idea or make an appointment? Does your manager like to talk about an idea first, or does she prefer to get a memo or email first, read it, and then talk about the issue? …”

Good communication is a key component of all successful relationships, both personal and professional.