Grand Rounds is up at Health Business Blog

David Williams of Health Business Blog is our host for this week’s edition of Grand Rounds, the weekly compiliation of the best of medical blogosphere.  This week we’re learning about meaningful use and accountable care – two of the hottest topics in healthcare. 

David included a post from Supporting Safer Healthcare and tagged it “the stone age of medical blogging.”  He’s right;  there were few blogging platforms available in 2004 and 2005 when he and I joined this brave new world of social media.  Medical bloggers often wrote insightful, witty and educational posts in squinty Times New Roman font with no paragraph breaks. 

I forsee a wonderful opportunity to bore the younger generation with woeful tales of how tough it was “back in the day”  to produce a meaningful, accountable, blog while avoiding the horrors of broken html.  

Stop over at the Health Business Blog for a taste of both old and new.