WHO’s Surgical Safety Checklist Mandated in UK

The UK's National Patient Safety Agency has ordered all hospitals in England and Wales to begin using the World Health Organization's Surgical Safety Checklist by February 1, 2010.   The check-list is a single page and is divided into three columns; Before Induction of Anesthesia, After Skin Incision, and Before Patient Leaves Operating Room. 

If you're about to have surgery it might be wise to ask whether your surgeon and team use a similar document.  (Click for larger image.)


Note:  The Checklist is also available in Arabic, Chineese, French, and Spanish.


Joint Commission Survey Agendas

The Joint Commission has created an opportunity for some added flexibility in the 2010 hospital survey process according to Compass Clinical Consulting.

The Joint Commission’s (TJC) 2010 Survey Guide… includes a new challenge for hospitals, the requirement to develop an agenda with surveyors minutes before the survey begins.

For example, anticipating the needs of the physicians involved in the credentialing process and pre-positioning their interviews around surgical schedules or office hours can be effective in assuring their availability for the session

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Do You Work For One of the Best?

CNN Money has released their 2010 list of the 100 best places to work and thirteen hospitals made the list:

17.  Methodist Hospital System

32.  Baptist Health South Florida

40.  Scripps Health

46.  OhioHealth

55.  Mayo Clinic

60.  Indiana Regional Medical Center

63.  Southern Ohio Medical Center

74.  Children's Healthcare of Atlanta

79.  Meridian Health

81.  Atlantic Health

85.  Arkansas Children's Hospital

96.  LifeBridge Health

99.  Winchester Hospital

The Value of Insightful Leadership

How important is insightful leadership to an organization, department, or team?  And what constitutes good leadership?


When there is no skillful direction, the people fall – Proverbs 11:14

Even bright, hard-working, dedicated people can accomplish little without the guidance of skilled leaders.  Frustration, anxiety, and mistrust result when there is no clear direction, or when goals change like shifting sands. 

What are the most important characteristics of a good leader?  My list includes:

1. Trust

My number one requirement for leaders; can I trust you?  Do you exhibit personal integrity and ethics; do your words and actions align?

2. Competence

Are you knowledgeable about the task at hand, and do you remain open to continued learning?

3. Humanity 

Do you value people?  Not just the work they produce, but their individual value as human beings?

4. Generosity

Do you share knowledge, education opportunities, and credit for a job well done with your team?

5. Humor

Admittedly, I can work for someone without a sense of humor, but collaborating with someone who knows how to enjoy the moment and not view everything as deadly serious certainly makes showing up for work in the morning more appealing.

Those are my top five characteristics for leaders; feel free to add a comment below about yours.

Can Hospital A Share Peer Review Report With Hospital B?

Horty Springer offers up an interesting question this week:

Question: We recently learned that one of our physicians had several of his cases reviewed by an outside consultant at the hospital across town because of quality of care concerns. When we asked him to authorize the other hospital to provide us with copies of the consultant's report and his response to it, he refused on the grounds that this information was confidential and privileged peer review information and that it would lose its protected status if he shared it with us, a "third party."

Is this a legitimate objection?

Answer: This physician's concern for maintaining the confidentiality of this information is certainly understandable…  Read the Answer

Ohio Hospital Compare Opened January 1, 2010

Starting today, people seeking medical care in Ohio have a new tool to help them decide which hospital might be best for them. The Ohio Hospital Compare site opened January 1st. 

In addition to measures already reported on the DHHS site Hospital Compare, consumers can find information on costs and average length of stay.  For example, I searched Ohio Public Health Data for:  adult, inpatient DRG, Renal Failure; year 2008; major hospital systems in Cuyahoga County; mean charge, length of stay and total number of discharges: (Click on image to enlarge.)


Finding information on this site takes a bit of time, navigation is sometimes hard to figure out; but for those who invest the effort there is a great deal of data to be found on Ohio Hospital Compare.