Addition to Sidebar – Conversations with Quint Studer

I’ve added a new blog to my sidebar under The Business of Healthcare – Quint Studer’s “Conversations with Quint” blog.  Quint’s been blogging since September. 

The Studer Group provided leadership training a few years ago at the large healthcare organization where I work, and I found many of the advocated concepts to be both practical and insightful.

According to the company website, the Mission and Vision of the Studer Group is to make health care a better place for employees to work, physicians to practice medicine, and patients to receive care. Our vision is to be the intellectual resource for healthcare professionals, combining passion with prescriptive actions and tools, to maximize human potential within each organization and healthcare as a whole.

For example, in today’s post “What You Permit You Promote” Quint reports, A few years back, we had a meeting with Studer Group staff members and posed the following question: “What are we permitting, thus promoting?” When people are asked that question, one will hear some good feedback and some ways to improve… While you may be disappointed in what you hear, you will not be disappointed in the opportunities presented to improve the organization or the outcomes that will be achieved.

The last time I added a new site to my sidebar I received an invitation to lunch…  So Quint, if you happen to visit Cleveland…  :)

The Story of a Fire Starter – Pensacola Independent News

Excellent Question

The consultant stood before the gathered healthcare leaders and said, “I am a nurse in this organization.  I’ve been asked to set up a patient procedure, but I question the doctor about whether he has approved privileges to do the procedure.  What happens to me?”

“Your answer to that one question” he told the quiet group, “tells you a lot about whether or not this is a safe organization.”

Lunch at the Blog Cafe

 A few months ago I added Juvan’s Health Law Update to my sidebar.  I’ve only discovered a few law blogs devoted to healthcare, so when I found Jayne’s site I was pleased to see that she is also from Ohio.  Lately many of her posts have focused on the pharmaceutical industry, but she also writes about complementary medicine, pending legislation, patient rights, and politics.

Jayne contacted me to see if I was close enough to her office for us to get together for lunch. We are; only three miles apart as a matter of fact.  So last week, off to lunch we went to meet in person for the first time. 

What fun!  Law, healthcare, patient advocacy, credentialing, malpractice, public speaking, and of course blogging, all managed to enter our lively discussion. 

This blogging community thing is very cool…

Fox News Features Five Doc Bloggers

This week Health Managing Editor Dr. Manny Alvarez features five more excellent medical bloggers. 

The prescription slip with the chicken scratch you’re holding may suggest otherwise, but let it be known that some doctors can actually write, and write well. You can thank the computer for the legibility, but the content comes from somewhere else.

See what he has to say about:

Neonatal.docThe Cheerful OncologistFleaDr. AnonymousSurgeonsblog

Great picks all Dr. Alvarez!

Previously from Dr. Alvarez – 10 Health Web Sites Worth A Click

Building a Culture of Respect

Heard at a recent leadership meeting:

We talk at length about ways to improve patient satisfaction and safety, we look for ways to improve the patient experience.

But you know, it’s also about how we treat one another; we’re going to work on improving that as well.


National Patient Safety Week – March 4-10

March 4-10, 2007 has been designated National Patient Safety Awareness Week in the US.

The Natonal Patient Safety Foundation encourages hospitals and healthcare organizations across the country to plan events to promote patient safety within their own organizations. Educational activities can be centered on educating patients on how to become involved in their own health care, as well as working with hospitals to build partnerships with their patient community.

From the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality:

  Twenty Patient Tips to Help Prevent Medical Errors

  Ten Patient Safety Tips for Hospitals

Massive Dilantin Overdose Leads to ED Death

Michelene Plass died in the Broward General Medical Center Emergency Department last April after being injected with 10 times the dose of Dilantin that the doctor ordered. To get that much, nurse Dionne Cooper had to round up 32 vials of the drug.

Ms. Cooper, who has been a nurse for nine years, and the ordering physician, Paul Rohart, were dismissed after the incident.  Dr. Rohart has filed suit contending that his dismissal was unfair. 

Broward County prosecutors have asked Fort Lauderdale police to begin a criminal review of the case, and the Joint Commission is examining Broward General’s response to the death.

Via Kevin MD

Baltimore Hospitals Agree to Pool Resources in Event of Disaster

Eleven Baltimore hospitals, including Johns Hopkins and the University of Maryland Medical Center have reached an agreement to pool their resources in the event of a terrorist attack or other public health catastrophe.

The Memorandum of Understanding establishes a mechanism for hospitals to share supplies, equipment, and personnel and transfer patients in the event of a disaster. It addresses expenses, credentialing, and supervision of physicians.,0,7321650.story?coll=bal-local-headlines